this is the E3 page! Here I will link to a few of my favourite announcements and to the trailers of the games I'm waiting for that were announced during e3!

Kingdom Hearts 3! This is a game that I have waited almost a decade to be continued! I remember playing Kingdom Hearts 2 on my ps2 as a child and wondering how long it would be until the story was continued and I, among other people, am now very glad to be able to play and understand more of the story in the near future, allowing me to learn more about the Heartless and the story in general, answering questions such as: 'How do the worlds link together?'.

Rare Replay! From the looks of things, this game will not only allow people to feel nostalgic about old games, but it will also breath new life back into them, hopefully allowing games such as Banjo-Kazooie to have a working multiplayer versus only being able to play if you knew someone who had the game.

Just Cause 3! I have never played a game in this franchise but, from the looks of things, I may need to buy this game; the destruction and fluidness of the game make it appear to be a desirable piece even for the most casual of players.

Rainbow Six Siege! This game looks amazing and looks to be the future of modern shooters with Destuctible Environments and an AI that learns from your play appearing to influence most of the gameplay.

SUPERHOT! This game looks amazing! The idea of this game is that you need to kill everyone who is red with a limited amount of bullets while not being shot yourself. The catch to this however is the fact that bullets in the game - both yours and the enemy's - don't move unless you do, meaning that you need to be moving around quick for fast paced combat, or walk for a slow, relaxing gun fight.

Fallout 4! This game looks to be the epitome of all RPGs with a first person narrative along with a reported 3000 hours+ of voice recording for missions, sidequests and ambience. This game seems to be the most awaited for 2015 and is currently estimated to not only be the best selling game this year, but to also win the Game of the Year award.

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